Project: Piping and Mechanical implementation - DIBIS Power plant

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity(MOE(a branch of Electricity ministry)) plans to build two new 110-megawatt units to solve the electricity problem in the north of the country.

The equipment of new units (V94/2(SGT5)) will supply by SIEMENS factory.

The DEBIS power plant between Kirkuk and Erbil Plays a Key Role in Helping to Meet the Iraq Country’s Growing Energy Needs.

Full implementation and  of the  excavation , piping  and mechanical.

Full implementation and  of the  LFO, HFO, Oil & Gas for Units.

Full implementation and  of the  Forwarding / On Loading, Auxiliary Boilers, Rotating Machinery and GRS.

Client: Iraq Electricity Ministry(MOE)

Start Date: 2020

Progress: %20