Project: Fiber Optic Cable 48 Inch Gas Pipe Line Naftkhane - Baghdad

Description :

IRAQ Ministry of Electricity and IRAQ Ministry of Oil have intended to perform a new gas pipe line from NAFTKHANEH in near to border of IRAN to Baghdad with about 116 Km length 48″ pipeline as the main route including three main branches considered:

 AL-MANSOURIA branch with about 43 Km length 32″ pipeline.

  AL-QUDS Receiver Trap stations branch with about 30 Km length 32″ pipeline.

 AL-SADR branch with about 9 Km length 32″ pipeline.

8 Line Break Valve (LBV), Launcher/Receiver (L/R) Stations are in the main route, 7 LBV and Launcher/Receiver (L/R) Stations are in three branches. 1 central control room (CCR) is in the Baghdad.

 Client: Iraq Electrical Ministry

 Start Date: 2017

Progress: %100


26Km Fiber Optic Cable implementation in separate trench for AL-MANSOURIA branch according to procedure(Include: trench excavation, sand soil under & up the FOC, backfill and FOC Tests.

The 24 core FOC has made Nexans factory from Grecce