MW Mission :

Madinat al- wafa

City of fidelity

Fidelity to earth (water, soil, resources, living things, human beings and human values)

Fidelity to time (past, now and future) and trying to improve the earth and making it more beautiful for the posterities

In line with alignment with “Think globally, act locally”, this company has targeted its organizational mission for taking 14 big, vital, effective and valuable steps for earth and improving the life condition of the living things in it.

Taking each step will make one of the letters green

Because of the first step that is the birth of this idea and the company establishment in 2015, the M letter has turned green.

The logo of the company is resulted from combining the green earth and whatever on it (M in green) and soil and whatever in it (W in gray).

Also it has been matched with the company motto and it can be seen like the Infinity sign.

An infinite team in an infinite world; the motto that has been pinned to the company name. This company will do its best to reach its organizational and sacred goals.