Project: Fiber Optic Cable - 48 Inch Gas Pipe Line

Description :

IRAQ Ministry of Electricity and IRAQ Ministry of Oil have intended to perform a new gas pipe line from NAFTKHANEH in near to border of IRAN to Baghdad with about 116 Km length 48″ pipeline as the main route including three main branches considered:

 AL-MANSOURIA branch with about 43 Km length 32″ pipeline.

  AL-QUDS Receiver Trap stations branch with about 30 Km length 32″ pipeline.

 AL-SADR branch with about 9 Km length 32″ pipeline.

8 Line Break Valve (LBV), Launcher/Receiver (L/R) Stations are in the main route, 7 LBV and Launcher/Receiver (L/R) Stations are in three branches. 1 central control room (CCR) is in the Baghdad.

Client: Iraq Electricity Ministry

Start Date : 2018

Progress : %80


Fiber Optic Cable implementation in separate trench with Gas Pipe line, according to OPTASENSE factory procedure(Include: sand soil under & up the FOC, installation FOC, warning tape, backfill and FOC Tests, program and install 3M EMS 1421-XR/ID Electronic Ball markers, install FOC Hellermann Tyton Enclosures from Enlgand), Under tight security This FOC will use for Gas Leak Detection(GLDS) and Intrusion Detection System(IDS) The 24 core armored FOC has made by Prysmian Draka factory from Spain.